Wednesday, March 11, 2009

iPhone Maxis (Malaysia)

why i think the plan is not so attractive

you do the math...
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iValue Plan (12 months contract)

iValue Plan (24 months contract)

Value Plus Plan (6 months)

Term & Condition (Maxis)

What you get in the US. Exchange rate is 1 USD to RM3.69 at publish time.

Do your math base on dollar-dollar basis.

And where's the unlimited data plan neway?


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Ben said...

I absolutely agree my friend... the price is illogical... not only that, being locked onto the one of Maxis' value plans with 2 supp lines, I was told that the moment I switch over to the new iPlan, I lose the free calls & smses to my supp lines! What's the deal with that?

One last note though, unlimited data is available at an extra 99 ringgit on top of the commitment fee.

I seriously think maxis should revise the iphone rates.