Monday, November 30, 2009


We strut slowly, admiring photographs on the temporary walls put up for display. I held your hand tightly as you led the way around the photographs, eventually arriving in front of a dark metallic, sleek, long and gorgeous 4-legged mechanical robot.

Taking in the view, I see a glint in your eyes, under the bright lights of the mall. You turned to me and said with a slight hint of excitement, “Let’s check this out.” Circling the car like a predator on prowl, you run your eyes over its curves, while your fingers glide carelessly across the roof.

You let go of my hand, and in one swift motion, you opened the driver’s door, and stuck your cute little head into it. Unbeknownst to you, I stood there observing your every quirky move, realizing whatever little fun you’re having while looking at this hundred grand monster.

What happens next is an image which I will forever keep in my mind. You quickly sat yourself in the driver’s seat, left leg in, right leg still out on the ground, cocked your head slightly and gazed at me with eyes like a child on Christmas day. I saw a bright smile flash on your face, as you mouthed the words “Wah, look at this…” and continued tinkering with the buttons and compartments in the car, while I take this picture in.

For the next few minutes, I stand there alone watching you happily press the multitude of buttons extended across the dashboard of the sleek looking machine, and I remember why I love you.

It was at that very moment, when I saw a truly genuine drop of your emotions that I fell in love with you again.

I smiled to myself, as you slowly pull yourself away from the seat, eyes still lingering on, and maneuvered your way through a growing crowd toward me. I greet you by wrapping my arms around yours, stuffing my little fingers in your fist. We were met with silence, and it is there, that I heard your determination screaming from every pore of your body, to work hard for a beast like this in the near future.

[image: flickr]

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bizarre Food

RM5 for those who can guess what is this

RM50 for whoever dares to eat this