Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Digital Water Closet

Jeremy, remember how I used to described my future toilet to u...

Well, I'm redefining it again...


Maybe with a bigger tub

What about replacing it with a raindrop showerhead?

Is iPod even an option? The side wall gives a hint that I must install a PS4 (they'll have it then when I do this)

With a toilet like that, how can one leave home (or the toilet to be more precise)

Source: popgive


Faith-Ashleigh Wong said...

OMG that is an amazing toilet!! I want one too :P And yeah, definitely a raindrop shower ;)

the HOT one said...

wah lau.... what an over the top toilet man.... the TV is facing the wrong side man. hahhaha. I really don't see the big deal on rain showers. It's fairly expensive too. hahah you would think to spend so much money on the toilet it would have a proper place to put the towel and not using a cheap looking chair. Why is there a PS3 in the toilet? No better place to play it than in the toilet? And a keyboard?? hahahha! The shower's too small.... can't fit 2 people in there and so is the bath tub... *wink*wink*

Color Illiterate Photog said...

- there 2 tv there!
- rain showers are there coz i can afford it
- towels are placed there coz there'll be a hot chic butler that's gonna wipe me dry when i'm done. don't need a handle for that
- the PS4 (mind u, not PS3) is just one of many around my house next time
- i dunno about the keyboard. i'll prob get wireless then
- like i said, will get a bigger bath tub

and oh yeah, this is just the guest room toilet.. will post up picture of my toilet in awhile