Friday, September 19, 2008

Hong Kong: Day 2 (Disneyland)

foreword This foreword section is becoming a apology section for me to explain why I had to keep you guys waiting. I won't be providing much excuses but here it is.. Day 2 of Hong Kong - Disneyland.

From many feedback and reviews, we've heard that Disneyland is not worth going if you're visiting Hong Kong. People will say there's lack of ride and one can finish the whole park in half a day if there's no queue. Oh well, it's Disneyland and whether it's in Hong Kong, Paris, LA or even if it's in blardy Papua New Guinea, I think I will need to pay a visit to fulfill this childhood dream of mine. We bought the tickets earlier before our trip via online. The cost of the ticket is only 350HKD so it's about RM150 to spend a whole day relishing yourself like a small kid.

So one can easily take the MTR to Disneyland via the Disneyland Resort Line. All MTR lines are connected to each other. From Wan Chai, we board the Island Line heading to Hong Kong station where we interchange to Tung Chung Line. Stop at the Sunny Bay station where you'll need to interchange to the Disneyland Resort Line.

This MTR only has one destination and it's a one way ticket to Disneyland. See that Mickey logo on the train.

It's probably almost a ritual for most photographer to take a picture of this hand rail when they see it. Nice bokeh effect?

Alright, just a note to travellers bringing DLSR to D-land. I brought my all-new Lowepro Apex good enough to fit my body with a lens. I did a crazy thing by lugging the Manfrotto as well as I wanted to attempt some fireworks shot later in the night. Good thing they've got locker service for me to keep it there until the night.

There's many shops for you to buy souvenirs & memorabilia for friends and families. Things there are not cheap as I spend about Rm350 on just getting things for people.

Adventureland is our first stop.

One who've been to Disneyland would recognize this machine. The Magical Coin Press Machines are located at various parts in the park. Each machine allow you to buy one exclusive coin press with design. Each machine has different designs.

You can even buy a booklet to keep all these coins. I manage to collect only 5; 2 Mickey & Minnie, Chip & Dale, Pirates Of The Caribbean and Stitch. Cost HKD10 for one if i can remember.

Next stop was the Festival of the Lion King which was to me a summarize version of what the real Lion King musical will be. So Simba's already a King and the animal kingdom wanted to pay tribute to the King by presenting him a musical about his life. Yes, a musical in a musical (if you get what i mean)

So they have all these foreign performers (Filipinos i think) and man can they really sing.

I was kinda amazed by this part where they hang this acrobatic performer. She was tied with a wire and she just turn around the stage when the duet sang Can You Feel The Love Tonight. Simply stunning IMHO. She's suppose to be a star dancing in the night i think.

The fiery battle between Simba and Muzaffar & hyenas.

After watching this mini-musical, I'm gonna watch the real one when it comes to a town nearby.

This show is totally recommended for those visiting Adventureland. Be sure to queue up before the show as the turnout for this can be quite high. It was almost a full house on a Monday afternoon.

Jungle River Cruise is just a journey around the river to see some boring, 'mysterious' attractions.

This boat ride was divided into the English and Chinese guide. Obviously we opt for the English one. Half the time we could not understand what the guide was trying to explain. And this 'mysterious' ride is suppose to have a few suspense like for example fire flames extinguishing nearby, aborigines shooting arrows using blowpipes and harmless crocodiles.

The funny thing is the guide will go something like "OK that was a close encounter, I hope no one got killed... *Phew Ok Let's continue our adventure now... ". As unsuspenseful as it is, the guide tried to make us feel like we're on some Indiana Jones adventure when it's purely just a boat ride. Ok it prob didn't sound like how I heard it but put that with a strong Hongkie accent, you will only understand when you hear it then. But would give them a pat for such enthusiasm in their job.

Tarzan's Treehouse

View from the treehouse

Me and the mother taking a picture below Tarzan's treehouse

The name of the raft that carried us across

Next up is Tomorrowland. This land has most exciting rides at least for me. For most people coming to Disneyland expecting thrill ride, I guess they will be disappointed as most of the rides here are for children. The most heart-bopping ride is prob Space Mountain which my sister yelled like a crazy woman. But remember that Disneyland is a kids thing. You want thrill rides, go to Movie World in GoldCoast. Do set your expectation right before ending up being disappointed.

We come in peace

Paying homage to traveling tourist who likes to take pictures of toilets. This one has futuristic rings on it.

Some creepy machine that goes around talking to people in the park. The puppet was speaking in Cantonese and I wasn't too sure what he was trying to say. I think there's a camera that's attached to that vehicle and someone will talk through the microphone remotely. This thing shoots water too.

Mom and sister trying to reach to Infinity and Beyond...

The Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster is prob the most fun ride in Adventureland for me. You sit on this capsule and it moves around requiring you to use a laser gun to shoot down as many aliens as you collect points.

As you can see how much mom & sis enjoys it. Mom actually scored higher than the pathetic sister. I of course scored the highest.

Moving bin that goes around Adventureland land.

Autopia is suppose to give you an experience to drive a futuristic electric car. Picture yourself driving in the Jetsons cartoon. As much as I would call myself a petrol-head, this ride is certainly one of the lousiest ride in Adventureland.

Totally overrated having to queue up for more than 20 minutes. That consider long on a weekday like this.

Gives me an opportunity to take a shot of them.

Mom & Sis getting so psyched up for It's A Small World ride. Look at how Disneyland can make an adult act like a kid at times.

A journey on the happiest cruise that ever sailed.

I remember sitting this ride in Genting awhile back. Can anyone recall when they have it there aoens ago?

The cruise takes you across continents singing and looping the same song over and over again.

I like the part when they reach the middle east and the song is transposed to a middle eastern gypsy-like rhythm.

The islands

As they say in France... they've got Selamat Jalan too.

We missed Disney on Parade at noon as we're prob somewhere around Adventureland. But we manage to catch the Mickey's WaterWorks Parade.

As the name suggest, they have Disney characters coming out in floats shooting waters at crowds. Totally refreshing after a hot & humid day. Didn't capture alot of shots as I was too carefully protecting my camera.

Band performing at Main Street

Mr Grumpy at one of the souvenir shops.

Mickey Mouse

Hope Mickey doesn't mind me stealing a kiss from Minnie.


Pluto has to be one of the most wackiest character in Disney. This particular mongrel earlier made a kid cry by scaring him repeatedly. Made the queue hold up so long for it too. Good thing he made it up by doing this with me.

Sleeping Beauty Castle @ Dusk

Cinderella Carousel in Fantasyland

One thing most visitor should take note is to look out for the FASTPASS signs on attractions. This allow one to booked your time to come back at certain period to skip long queues. We used FASTPASS on the Space Mountain ride and this was the only picture taken. Guess we were too cheapskate to buy the prints from the counter. Here's a mugshot.

Waited til after sunset before I brought out the tripod and started shooting. Here's one with a long shutter at Main Street.

This was my first time attempting shooting fireworks. Didn't had time to read up on how to take nice shots. But here it is.

Came equipped with my Wireless remote. I've also removed the lens filter to reduce any unnecessary flare.

Shots were not that impressive or satisfiable. I will do more redemption at some MIFC post later on.

So that's it... over 50 pictures to journal my day in Disneyland. It was fun-filled and ended well with a blast in the sky.

Now you know why I take so long to post up one post.


Next up on Day 3... Stay Tuned!

p/s: I will prob post some fillers just in case the interval takes too long.


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I screamed like a mad woman was was eerie...and I cant see the fall....which.. there's none!
We missed the Stitch!!! I heard it was Fantastic!!!! :( :(

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