Thursday, August 28, 2008

Prelude: Hong Kong

Ok so i know i've been bugged and asked to post up pictures from my recent trip. It's not that I don't want but I have been abit busy from work. Plus the thought of post-processing 1200++ raw picture is dreadful!

Alright, just to give you guys a lil head up on what i'll be doing... I'm planning to post a series of entries showing the escapade that i've gone in that 7 days in Hong Kong. You can think of it like a Raymond Special ala Discovery Travel ala Ian Wright ala whatever u wanna call it. It's gonna be a one-time only post(s) with lotsa words. I'm excited about it myself and i need to keep this hype up while it's still is.

So be patient and make sure you come back often for updates. As for now, here's a preview to start this...